We are the Community Fund

Review Board

The grant review board is nominated by financial partners (3 nominations) and the two founders, Kristinn Hróbjartsson and Kristján Mikaelsson. The review board votes on all applications. A simple majority rules, and all votes are equal.
Arndís Ósk Jónsdóttir
Guðbjörg Rist Jónsdóttir
Hjálmar Gíslason
Kristján Ingi Mikaelsson
Vignir Örn Guðmundsson


The operators are responsible for all operational parts of the fund: keeping the books, wiring the money, maintaining the website and so forth. The operators, Kristinn and Kristján, are also the founders of the fund.
Kristinn Árni Lár Hróbjartsson
Kristján Ingi Mikaelsson
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We are a group of activists who want to grow the community by making it more inclusive and supportive. If you have any tips, tricks or feedback or you want to help out, please contact us :)